Flu Shots

Reasons to Consider a Flu Shot

Receiving a flu shot each year is an effective measure to shield yourself against prevalent flu viruses expected in the current year. The administration of the vaccine is quick, requiring only a few seconds, and it plays a crucial role in preventing you and your loved ones from missing any school or work due to flu-related sickness. Most importantly, it offers protection against some severe complications that can arise from the flu.

Am I a Good Candidate to Receive a Flu Shot?

Essentially, anyone seeking to avoid the flu makes an ideal candidate to receive flu shots. When you visit us, we can discuss the specifics in more detail. Here are some examples of individuals who often benefit from our flu vaccination services:

- People with elderly family members who are particularly vulnerable to the flu.
- Individuals concerned about the impact of flu-related absences to their work or school.
- Generally speaking, if you don't like getting sick, you're a good candidate.

Come In Any Time

We understand your schedule is tight, and finding time for a flu shot might not be the easiest to pencil in. At Midwest Urgent Care, we are fully stocked with flu vaccines and ready to accommodate your family's needs at your convenience. You have the option to schedule an appointment by calling your local clinic or simply drop by at a time that suits you best. In line with our other urgent care services, we offer walk-in availability for flu shots as well.

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