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Walk-In Clinic Open 7 Days a Week
No appointment needed.

Patients should call 911* and go directly to an Emergency Department with any of the following :

Chest pain, heart related issues, Loss of consciousness Symptoms of a CVA/stroke Compound/open fractures or joint separation Severe trauma Acute abdominal pain

This list is not all inclusive and is meant strictly as a guideline. Always contact your primary care physician if you have any medical questions or concerns.


Midwest Urgent Care delivers cost-effective, convenient and timely management of employee injury, illness and healthcare needs. This will assist in the return of each employee to work as soon as possible and make your job easier by keeping your company and workers compensation carrier informed regarding the employee's condition and work status.

To assist you in your bookkeeping, we will not expect payment at the time of service in workers comp cases. Arrangements to bill the employer will be made on a case-by-case basis.

By utilizing Midwest Urgent Care, you will realize a savings over the traditional cost of the emergency room. We are open seven days a week and because there is no appointment necessary, your employee returns to the job quickly, providing additional savings to your company and avoiding valuable lost time.

Remember that we always have two providers and at least one experienced physician on staff in order to limit patient waiting time, and to get your employees back to work quickly!

As part of our workers compensation services we provide treatment of a wide variety of occupational injuries and illnesses including treatment of sprains, strains, lacerations, etc. Also, with an onsite x-ray facility and laboratory we are able to diagnose and treat the problem immediately, nearly eliminating the need to refer patients outside our doors!

Contact us at (402) 493-2100 for further information or email us at We look forward to working with you!

THANK YOU for considering Midwest Urgent Care as your workers compensation provider.